My document generation workflow with Markdown, YAML, Jinja2 and WeasyPrint

computer python

I'm not a super fan a WISWYG text editors. They never really do what I want them to and often often do what I don't whan them to. Here's the workflow I'm using to generate simple text documents (resume, cover letters, etc.) from Markdown, YAML and Jinja2 templates.

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IP address spoofing in order to watch South Park

computer web hack firefox

Trying to bring back some old IP spoofing Firefox extension for watching South Park episodes.

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More example of argument and shell command injections in browser invocation

computer unix debian security shell

In the previous episode, I talked about some argument and shell command injections vulnerabilities through URIs passed to browsers. Here I'm checkig some other CVEs which were registered at the same time.

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Argument and shell command injections in browser invocation

computer unix debian security shell

While reading the source of sensible-browser in order to understand how it was choosing which browser to call (and how I could tweak this choice), I found an argument injection vulnerability when handling the BROWSER environment variable. This lead me (and others) to a a few other argument and shell command injection vulnerabilities in BROWSER processing and browser invocation in general.

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Foo over SSH

Using SSH as a transport for your protocol

computer network ssh unix

A comparison of the different solutions for using SSH2 as a secured transport for protocols/services/applications.

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Terminal read-only live sharing

computer unix ssh screen

Live sharing a terminal session to another (shared) host over SSH in read-only mode.

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OpenSSH ProxyUseFdPass

computer network system ssh python

While looking at the OpenSSH ssh_config manpage, I found the ProxyUseFdpass configuration I did not know about. It's apparently not widely known or used.

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C++ synchronisations for SimGrid

computer simgrid c++ future

This is an overview of some recent additions to the SimGrid code related to actor synchronisation. It might be interesting for people using SimGrid, working on SimGrid or for people interested in generic C++ code for synchronisation or asynchronicity.

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