Extract the schema from a remote LDAP server

computer ldap

How to extract the schema from a remote LDAP server and use it on a OpenLDAP instance.

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Introduction to TLS v1.2

computer web network tls cryptography

Some notes about how TLS v1.2 (Transport Layer Security) works. The goal explain what is going on in a network traffic dump, the role of the different TLS extensions, the impact of the different cipher suites on security, etc. It includes several diagrams and many references.

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Introduction to the Diffie-Hellman key exchange

computer network cryptography tls diffie-hellman

The Diffie-Hellman (DH) key exchange (and variants thereof) is widely used in many protocols (such as TLS, SSH, IKE (IPSec), Signal, etc.) to bootstrap some symmetric key material which may then be used to secure communication channel between two parties. This introduction focuses on the different ways the DH key exchange is used in practice in several protocols (especially TLS) and the impact of these different approaches on the security. This is intended as a prelude for the upcoming next episodes about how TLS works.

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