Using dig as a LLMNR or mDNS CLI Lookup utility

computer network dns

I was looking for a LLMNR commandline lookup utility. Actually, dig can do the job quite fine.

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Surprising shell pathname expansion

computer unix shell

I thought I was understanding pretty well how bash argument processing and various expansions is supposed to behave. Apparently, there are still subtleties which tricks me, sometimes.

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Remote Code Execution via Cross Site Request Forgery in InternetCube and YunoHost

computer web security yunohost csrf

How I found remote code execution vulnerabilities via Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) on the administration interfaces of InternetCube applications and of the YunoHost administration interface which could have been used to execute arbitrary code as root. These vulnerabilities were fixed in YunoHost 3.3, OpenVPN Client app 1.3.0. and YunoHost 3.4.

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