Terminal read-only live sharing

computer unix ssh screen

Live sharing a terminal session to another (shared) host over SSH in read-only mode.

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OpenSSH ProxyUseFdPass

computer network system ssh python

While looking at the OpenSSH ssh_config manpage, I found the ProxyUseFdpass configuration I did not know about. It's apparently not widely known or used.

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C++ synchronisations for SimGrid

computer simgrid c++ future

This is an overview of some recent additions to the SimGrid code related to actor synchronisation. It might be interesting for people using SimGrid, working on SimGrid or for people interested in generic C++ code for synchronisation or asynchronicity.

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DNS aggregation over TLS

computer dns network internet tls

In a previous post, I tried different solutions for tunnelling DNS over TLS. One of those solutions was using a dedicated DNS-over-UDP fake service replying to all queries with the truncate flag set: this was causing the stub resolvers to retry the query using a TCP-based virtual-circuit. This solution is interesting because it is dead simple (it fits in a few line of codes) but it is clearly a hack. Here, I'm using a dedicated DNS forwarder aggregating all the incoming DNS-over-UDP requests over a single persistent TCP virtual-circuit.

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Debugging use-after-free with RR reverse execution

computer debug gdb rr simgrid

RR is a very useful tool for debugging. It can record the execution of a program and then replay the exact same execution at will inside a debugger. One very useful extra power available since 4.0 is the support for efficient reverse execution which can be used to find the root cause of a bug in your program by rewinding time. In this example, we reverse-execute a program from a case of use-after-free in order to find where the block of memory was freed.

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Private PostgreSQL instance

computer sql

How to create a private on-demand PostgreSQL instance accessible only for the local user over UNIX socket.

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