Surprising shell pathname expansion

computer unix shell

I thought I was understanding pretty well how bash argument processing and various expansions is supposed to behave. Apparently, there are still subtleties which tricks me, sometimes.

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More example of argument and shell command injections in browser invocation

computer unix debian security shell

In the previous episode, I talked about some argument and shell command injections vulnerabilities through URIs passed to browsers. Here I'm checkig some other CVEs which were registered at the same time.

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Argument and shell command injections in browser invocation

computer unix debian security shell

While reading the source of sensible-browser in order to understand how it was choosing which browser to call (and how I could tweak this choice), I found an argument injection vulnerability when handling the BROWSER environment variable. This lead me (and others) to a a few other argument and shell command injection vulnerabilities in BROWSER processing and browser invocation in general.

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Foo over SSH

Using SSH as a transport for your protocol

computer network ssh unix

A comparison of the different solutions for using SSH2 as a secured transport for protocols/services/applications.

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Terminal read-only live sharing

computer unix ssh screen

Live sharing a terminal session to another (shared) host over SSH in read-only mode.

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Cleaning the stack by filtering the assembly

computer simgrid unix compilation assembly x86_64

In order to help the SimGridMC state comparison code, I wrote a proof-of-concept LLVM pass which cleans each stack frame before using it. However, SimGridMC currently does not work properly when compiled with clang/LLVM. We can do the same thing by pre-processing the assembly generated by the compiler before passing it to the linker: this is done by inserting a script between the compiler and the assembler. This script will rewrite the generated assembly by prepending stack-cleaning code at the beginning of each function.

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Filtering the clipboard using UNIX filters

computer x11 unix cms hmtl

I had a few Joomla posts that I wanted to clean up semi-automatically. Here are a few scripts, to pass the content of the clipboard (or the current selection) through a UNIX filter.

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